Nature-Based Solutions


Add digitally optimised ecotechnology to your treatment chain and always meet the best standards.

Never worry again about exceeding emission standards. Targeting temperature, organics or nutrients, I select the best ecotechnology and design the extension of any treatment chain. From SBR to activated sludge, any release patterns and concentrations have a wetland solution – and digital services at Ghaemesh allows you to discover it through world-premier modelling in practice.


Bypass or release stormwater flows into a wetland to keep your treatment chain trouble free and natural waters clean.

Ecotechnologies are there to solve one of the biggest concerns in wastewater management. A special, green storage basin allows you now to capture and treat those heavy flows that occur during rainy weather. My vision at Ghaemesh is to foster full solutions here too. From the planning of monitoring to the end of implementation, you’ll enjoy true insights on your future system given by the Orage Rhône modelling toolkit, which I am proud to have helped develop.

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Ghaemesh provides a new balance for your water– the natural one.

When climate or land use change, water quality might deteriorate. My vision is that pollution sources can always be quantified and then balanced with solutions that ensure water quality and quantity that you need. Ecotechnologies give the best value, offering long-term solutions with the highest social acceptance. I see one way to meet quality, aesthetics and longevity in low-technology environments – and that’s ecotechnologies from Ghaemesh.

WETLAND diagnostics and upgrades

I believe there is hidden capacity in every treatment wetland – and I can show you your hidden capacity.

People say it’s the cold. People say it’s the thick wastewater. But practice shows that treatment wetlands can perform better than small-scale wastewater treatment systems. Therefore I provide full diagnostics and complete upgrades for systems treating domestic wastewater. I believe all wetlands have their own sweet spot. The balance of engineering and operation that Ghaemesh brings to you will put your system in its own.


Let the last twenty-five years of international development always be at your doorstep.

A new project? An old one? We translate research into applications when it’s time for it, and add the value to real projects. Integration of treatment solutions into the urban or natural environment are more important than ever before, and I believe green projects have room for innovation to bring out their maximum. Let’s face your challenge together – Ghaemesh speaks your language and leaves no limits untouched.


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