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About our consultancy service

Our consultancy service enables you to delegate the difficult tasks of decision making and scaling to specialists and specialized software. We work with three modelling tools, and this is unique on the market. It allows us to optimize three different type of wetlands digitally, but notably, we are able to combine them in the right order to solve specific water quality problems. Our mission is to create green surfaces for water treatment in the era of digital water – nature-based solutions through digital consultancy services.

Click here to see the report of the International Water Association (IWA) on the Digital Water Revolution.

flexible treatment

We promote software optimization over rules of thumb. First, we choose from the diverse family of wetland treatments that best fits your pollutant mix. Then we assure you a better wetland performance and an economy of scale based on digital information.

Post-treatment inventory: our powerful inventory allows us to improve the quality of your treated effluents. Using the broad software portfolio and expertise, our digital technology lets us to help you to achieve your unique goals. We select the filter area, treatment chain and operation rules for your project. 

We scale for COD, BOD, NH4, NO3 and TN.

Urban stormwater and combined sewer overflow: urban sprawl and climate change demand new and accurate approaches for stormwater management. You have the ultimate solution to eliminate a big part of your urban stormwater problem with our flagship software. The  development of the Orage toolkit involved institutional and SME partners, and has been employed for about a dozen systems that will soon be commissioned. Environmental data helps you to achieve better water quality and fewer flash floods.

We scale for Volumes, TSS, COD, NH4, NO3 and TN.

Agricultural flows and headwater streams: digital wetlands can be used to catch diffuse pollution and improve stream quality. Many European countries are turning toward ecotechnologies as the only economical solution for diffuse pollution. With our patent-pending approach and software, and our active research, you get an appropriate technology to catch agricultural nitrates for your setting.

We scale for NO3

Our models

Our mission is to support the use of and develop models of wetland treatments. We work with three powerful models to address a wide range of pollutants.

Hydrus Wetland Module

The models in this extension toolkit of the HYDRUS professional software are the Activated Sludge Model implementations adapted to a wetland environment. The Wetland Module has been used by the scientific community since its development at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna.

Orage Rhône

This is a design- and decision support toolkit with a rapid translation track from research to industry. Since 2019, Orage has a unique feature that discovers multiple solutions to your wastewater problems, making wetlands the most powerful tool to address combined sewer overflows. The tool was developed at IRSTEA, a public research institute in France focusing on land management issues, such as water resources and agricultural technology, and in collaboration with engineering companies.

Panda Pond

The compartmentalized pond model for Post-treatment and Agricultural waters is a spinoff development by Ghaemesh, starting from the University of Sopron. It is the first technology where a design-support tool and the wetland technology went through a co-development. Panda manages nitrate.

We are taking these models from science into practice with the highest level of consultancy.
We aim for the involvement of the best experts and scientists.

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Dr. Tamas Gabor Palfy

chief consultant, founder

Dr. Richard von Fuchs

communications manager

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