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We help your decisions and empower you with the new directions for constructing wetlands.

Ghaemesh provides a new balance for your water – the natural one. When climate or land use change, water quality might deteriorate. My vision is that pollution sources can always be quantified and then balanced with solutions that ensure water quality and quantity that you need. Ecotechnologies give the best value, offering long-term solutions with the highest social acceptance. I see one way to meet quality, aesthetics and longevity in low-technology environments – and that’s ecotechnologies from Ghaemesh.

A new project? An old one? We translate research into applications when it’s time for it, and add the value to real projects. Integration of treatment solutions into the urban or natural environment are more important than ever before, and I believe green projects have room for innovation to bring out their maximum. Let’s face your challenge together – Ghaemesh speaks your language and leaves no limits untouched.


Ghaemesh Határvíz Kft.
9022 Győr, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 59.

phone: +36 70 213 87 30


Tamas Gabor Palfy EIRL

phone: +33 641 56 21 38



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